Webinar Replay: New Collection Analytics - Greater Value within OTC Processes

The integration of collections performance with collections capacity

Join us and learn about what is changing in Collections Departments. Traditional “oldest & largest” approaches are not producing results like they used to. “There is simply too many things to do each day”. “Busy-work is killing our team productivity”. “If I have to provide just one more $125 invoice copy…”

Finance management is finding ways to “move the working capital needle” and they are changing how order-to-cash teams operate in very material ways. Old systems and processes are being replaced because outdated software drives teams to spreadsheet-based methods, which are not scalable, replicable or measurable across functional operating units. Company’s want change.

The “New Collections Analytics” are much more refined and they are tied to producing greater value per order-to-cash (OTC) resource activity.
Some key concepts we will explore:

  • Integrated OTC Metrics, Best Practice & KPI’s at OTC database level
  • Better visibility and control over Parent / Child hierarchies
  • Measuring Days Since Last Touch and what effect this has on Conversion 
  • How many times has that $250 invoice been touched
  • What is the DBT of the oldest non-disputed (clean) invoice
  • Can I proactively give Sales Days Since Last Order – Last Shipment – Last Payment input
CRF and Cforia will discuss these and more, targeting the New Measurements of OTC productivity and what the merging of Collections Performance using Collections Capacity will mean for your team.

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Chris Caparon

COO, VP of Professional Services
Cforia Software

In Chris’s twenty years with Cforia as one of its founders, his methodologies have driven successful outcomes based on superior technology integrated with proprietary real-time data integration tools across complex and disparate ERP and supporting systems of record.