Crisis Driven Collections Headcount Management

A complimentary webinar hosted by Credit Research Foundation and presented by Cforia Software.

A CRF Educational Webinar hosted by Credit Research Foundation’s Matthew Skudera and featuring Chris Caparon from  Cforia Software.

The biggest comment we hear from Credit, Collections and Disputes Departments, is that the teams are already too busy.

Quite often a Collector, Dispute Resolver or Credit Analyst might have responsibility for 500 or more accounts. This does not leave enough time to even touch 100% of the A/R balance- carrying customers on a rolling 30 day cycle, let alone spend hours researching and resolving potentially hundreds of Disputes, Short-Pays, Deductions and to prevent any Unearned-Discounts.

In the session we will cover:

  • Strategic Collections Management (SCM)
  • Dispute Resolution Cycle-Time Compression
  • 100% Portfolio Coverage Each 30 Day Cycle
  • FTE Scaling through Automation
  • Zero-Touch Order-to-Cash Lifecycle management

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Chris Caparon

COO, VP of Professional Services
Cforia Software

In Chris’s twenty years with Cforia as one of its founders, his methodologies have driven successful outcomes based on superior technology integrated with proprietary real-time data integration tools across complex and disparate ERP and supporting systems of record.